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Is this the real life?

And I'm back. For good, hopefully. Waking up at 3AM in the morning and going to bed at 1AM with only two hours of sleep in between is not a good routine when your college is located very, very far away from your house and you're not allowed to drive. Oh, and there's the mountainload of assignments. And seniors yelling at you IN YOUR FACE if you fail/don't perform to their satisfaction.

(if life is a movie, there would be flashbacks. Unpleasant flashbacks.)

In short, I hate College Orientation.

On the brightside, I learned how to sing Gaudeamus Igitur, which is, even under the circumtances, a beautiful song, and it somewhat motivates me to learn latin. Seriously. So, in order to celebrate the end of the period I will never refer fondly to, I decided to splurge on books.

And I read The Hunger Games.

Okay, that book deserves another post. I mean, OHMYGOD, KATNISS. /flails

And, even though I'm like, eleven days late;

To all who celebrates it,
May Allah forgive our sins and gives us His Bless and Protection.
And I hope all our activities in this month (read: fasting, reading Quran, Tarawihs and Saurs) go well until the end of the month.

Also, here's wishful thinking that the whole 'Building a Mosque around the 9-11 Ground Zero Area' debacle will end in a way that encourages religion tolerance, not islamxenophobia and fearmongering. I'm allowed to be hopeful once in a while, am I not?
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