rabidline (rabidline) wrote,

World Cup Madness: Part Six

WOOO NETHERLANDS WOOO!! And that was an exciting game! Haha.

Okay, Europe. I take everything back. Clearly when I thought your football teams suck I did not take into account that 3 out of 4 semifinalists will be from your continent. And with the final being All-European match. Hee.

Uruguay, sorry. I still hate you after Ghana.

TONIGHT: GERMANY/SPAIN. WHO WILL YOU ROOT FOR? (Good God, tumblr is exploding due to many conflicted feelings) Match of The Year, Y/Y? I LOVE THEM BOTH I CAN'T CHOOSE ;_;

(then again, Germany has been bulldozing everything in sight. But Spain is pesky in their way of doing last-minute-winning goals. Paul The Octopus picked Spain. But Mick Jagger is rumored to support Spain, and we all know how Mick Jagger-supported teams ended up. See: Brazil, Argentina, England.)
Tags: real life, world cup 2010
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